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If you think this isn’t the damn truth you should know that a few years back, my campus newspaper ran an article that said fat women should be grateful for rape because it’s the only way they’ll ever feel worthy of a man’s attention.

I shit you not.

My first thought in any conversation like this is always ‘I’m not even pretty but…’  as if the level of my attractiveness alters the level of my likelihood of bad things happening to me or how much I’m allowed to contribute to the discussion. 


Heads up guys.  Body shaming doesn’t just happen to women.  Recently, baseball player Prince Fielder stripped down for ESPN’s Body issue and here are the comments that accompanied.  Now, I will acknowledge that these are all male contributes, but it’s still shining a light on fat shaming for men, and how athletes (and anyone who poses nude) are socially expected to be perfect.

I’m not going to downplay the amount of shit women get on their bodies, but I would like to point out that this made news today.

"Being a woman is kind of like being a cyclist in a city where all the cars represent men. You’re supposed to be able to share the road equally with cars, but that’s not how it works. The roads are built for cars and you spend a great deal of physical and mental energy being defensive and trying not to get hurt. Some of the cars WANT you to get hurt. They think you don’t have any place on the road at all. And if you do get hurt by a car, everyone makes excuses that it’s your fault."

Do you ever


  • lie awake at night because you can’t get comfortable in your bed, and you can’t figure out how to get more comfortable?
  • finish talking to someone and just feel like banging your head against a wall or drinking at least three glasses of wine?
  • set out to read a book but then end up on the internet?
  • try to pray but it just comes out like you want God to fix all of your problems for you?
  • just think,…

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booty had me like:


Casual reminder.


Perez Hilton has

  • Posted crotch shots of Miley Cyrus getting out of a car
  • Accused Lily Allen of being responsible for her miscarriage by binge drinking.
  • Posted intimate photos of Ke$ha and posted enough hate to make her break down crying an hour before performing on X Factor.
  • Has outed various celebrities.
  • Told Taylor Momsen (who was 16 at the time) to try fisting.
  • Tried to rent an apartment in Lady Gaga’s building to stalk her.

How is he not in jail already?


Somebody posted these all around school, and now I know what it feels like to be proud of ones school.